How Does it Work:
VENSMILE Using 365 nm wavelength UVA light and efficient to attract flies, then emit a high Volt shock kill them.

Work with/ Kills : 
Mosquitos, Flies, Bugs, Insects, Moths, Gnats, Fruit flies, Horse flies, bees, etc

• Using flame-retardant ABS casing, resistant to UVA radiation, anti-aging, good gloss.
• Protect case get the latest safety finger test, safe and reliable
• Use the lamp Foshan Lighting brand, 7W U-tube, the life of 5000-8000 hours.
• The high-voltage electric shock 800-1000V, effective mosquito control.
• The bottom take mosquito box, easy to clean up mosquito corpses.
• Product Configuration brush, help clean up the internal high-voltage network.

This product only can work with 110V, can’t use it with 220V. You will blow the bulbs immediately if you connect it to 220V