The VENSMILE Solar Snake repeller protect your garder, yard, personal safety from snake, mole, gopher, vole, etc. 
Get vensmile, you no more need to worry about the snake will suddenly appear to hurt you, your family and your pet. 
Also no more need to worry will have gopher, mole, vole, or other rodent damage to your beautiful garden and lawn, as well as fields, vegetable garden and so on. 

VENSMILE 312S Highlights: 
• Built-in Electric motors, have double performance than others pest repeller device
• Weather Resistant with Tight-Seal Weather Proof Cover 
• Bigger Battery: 312s built-in two 1200mA rechargeable battery and large size solar panel, have double capacity and charge 
faster than other repeller device. 
• 100% Humane and Safe, No Toxic Chemicals,compare with those expensive and dangerous chemicals and tools, would it be nice to use this one! 
• Easy install and offers great pest protection for almost everywhere 

Theory: Vibration 
Material: ABS plastic and corrosion-proof aluminum. 
Rechargeable battery (incl.): 2pcs NI-MH, 1.2V/1200mAh 
Product size: 160x160x368mm 
Net product weight(g): 325g 
Vibration frequency: Vibration 5 seconds every 55 seconds