The VENSMILE Multi-function Pest Control Repeller does not mean that pests cannot be kept, just that they will find it more pleasant to be in other places. They start to stay increasingly often. The device works by emitting alternating ultrasonic sound waves and pressure waves, which, in this frequency range, have an annoying effect on mice, ants and other pests. How well the sound waves are transmitted depends on the spatial conditions. The changing frequencies prevent pests from getting used to the sound waves. When the pests notice that the unpleasant tone continues, they will go elsewhere. This might take a few days to a few weeks. First, you may even notice increased activity, because the pests are driven from their hiding places. When the pests go, they inevitably leave behind their eggs and larvae, which are not affected by the sound waves. They mature, hatch and are also repelled by the multi-function Pest Control Repeller. After about 5-6 weeks, all animals, larvae and eggs should be gone. The unit should be continuously used for at least 60 days, so as not to interrupt the effect.

LED indicator:
Red LED: illuminates when ultrasonic wave is active (ULTRA)
Green LED: illuminates when pressure wave is active (TRANS)

Power Supply (9V, 200mA)