Easy to setFor over a century, mouse traps have been designed to not only capture mice but also kill them. Some people even prefer to avoid the trap altogether and go for a poison to kill the mice instead. But what if you want to get rid of mice without killing them? VENSMILE makes a great gift for all animal lovers -- Humane & Smart “No Kill” Mouse Trap. Extremely Humane & Extremely Safe.

How It Works:
1)Place the bait (The recommended bait for this trap is peanut butter) in a small compartment on one end, with open holes facing towards the inside of the trap. This lures the mouse inside, where the smell is coming from;
2)Open the gate on the another end, when the mouse moving to the opposite end to access the bait, the mouse’s weight the move to the far side of the fulcrum and triggers the trap. The gate close;
3)One you have the mouse captured, you can take the entire trap outdoors and lift the food compartment to open the trap. Then the mouse will run out.

Warm tips: After catching mouse successfully, the trap will be stained by dangerous signal that the captured mouse left to other mouses (irritating odor), therefore in order to maximize it’s effect, recommended to wash it with 60 degrees hot water to remove the odor.

Product Dimensions: 6.7” x 2.4” x 2.5”
Color: See-through brown

UPC: 680491393739